Ideal Qualities In Liberty Gun Safe Fatboy

Liberty is one of the premier producers of gun safes, which are known to protect and secure the guns. The Fatboy series of gun safes are the highest selling gun safes. Liberty gun safe Fatboy has a number of astounding features which make it the top choice among all the gun safes. It is known to be among the toughest options to choose from a multitude of gun safes. To the satisfaction of the customers, it can hold as many as 64 guns.


Security and space, these two words define the Fatboy series the best. Some basic criteria have to be satisfied before one makes a final decision about buying the safes. Before buying the safes, whether it is for the first time or for the tenth time, certain very important things have to be kept in mind. Some of them are size, weight, lock type, the capacity to get bolted properly and number of compartments. All these have been satisfied very well by the Fatboy safe.

Some Of The Features Of Liberty Gun Safe Fatboy

The features which make Liberty Gun Safe Fatboy special are:

  • This gun safe is full of security features. Each Fatboy safe has 1.25 inches bolts that can be further extended up to 2.4 inches. There are privacy tabs and a camera mechanism to protect the safe against any kind of unauthorized access.
  • 83, 000 BTU anti-fire technology is capable of saving the safe from any kind of fire attack. This is the best in the market. Even at a high temperature of 1200 degrees it can withstand heat for at least 75 minutes. The thick 11-gauge steel increases the security against fire. There are also three independent layers of 5 by 8 inches fireboard in the ceilings, doorjambs and the doors. In addition to this the walls are all double layered. The door seal is so made that it can keep away heat and smoke to a great extent.
  • The 4-in-1 Flex interior comes with a double rack which is the ultimate solution for all kinds of storage problems.
  • Coming to the security part, here also this safe is unparalleled. The best camera mechanism increases safety like never before. The steel plates are hardened to the extent of having triple plates. There are fourteen 1.25 inches locking bolts, giving protection to the door. There are 12 locking bolts, a DX-90 Monster Mech-Over Center. The bolts are 25% larger and 33% longer than the other bolts.

Why is Liberty Gun Safe Fatboy The Best?

Liberty Gun Safe Fatboy is a widely accepted choice in terms of gun safes. The size of this safe makes it popular among the masses because many other things can be kept inside it other than the firearms. The large size is ideally suitable for keeping everything. Some of the best safety features are found here and the fire rating are also pretty high. In short, one can get more than what he pays for. Reliability, space and extra safety features make this safe top the priority charts.

Those who are serious about their gun collection and want to keep their possession safe, this is the ideal gun safe. If the gun safe is directly purchased from Liberty’s Gold Service, one can get direct home delivery for the product. Quality and protection is not compromised in this gun safe and the customers have all reason to smile after the purchase. A gun safe is a lifetime and an expensive commitment and thereby all kinds of reviews should be gathered before making the final purchase. Fatboy never disappoints its buyers.


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